Pickled Jalapeño’s

I love the flavour of chilli (peppers) but I am a novice when it comes to heat. I am a lot better than I used to be, I used to find satay sauce hot. After years of building up my tolerance, I can now take a mid range heat. My husband on the other hand, likes his chilli hot. Adding jalapeno’s to mexican dishes is the perfect way to up the heat for him, while keeping it to a level where I won’t spontaneously combust.

The same day I made these, I also made a devilishly hot habenero chilli & garlic sauce, which nearly blew my hubby’s head off, so I’m nervous to post the recipe, in case I injure someone, but if you are a hot-head chilli lover, here is a link to the recipe I used – Habenero Chilli & Garlic Sauce. I was a bit of a sadist, and also added a couple of birds eye chilli’s for some extra kick, but apparently I went too far, even though he said the flavour was great.

For someone who manages to rub chilli in my eyes every time I cook with them, I was proud of myself for managing to deal with three types of crazy hot chilli’s and not blinding myself. Mind you, I took glove wearing and hand-washing to level on par with someone dealing with highly infectious diseases. I had a mild panic attack when I accidentally cut through the glove while chopping the chillies.

Pickled Jalapeno’s Recipe


  • 2 cups sliced jalapeno chilli’s (peppers)
  • 2 cups white wine vinegar
  • 2 cups water
  • 2 teaspoons pickling spices (I used Herbies pickling spice blend)
  • 4 cloves garlic
  • 4 x 1 cup jars
  • gloves – make sure you wear them when chopping the jalapeno’s


  1. You need to wash the jars and then place in the oven on 100c degrees for 15 mins. Boil a jug of hot water for set 4.
  2. Fill the hot jars with the sliced jalapeno’s. Add one clove garlic and 1/2 teaspoon pickling spice mix per jar.
  3. In a small saucepan, bring the vinegar and the water to a gentle simmer, and then pour over the mixture, filling up the jars. You need to make sure you cover the jalapeno’s, but still leave about a cm space at the top of the jar.
  4. Seal the jars tightly. In baking dish, or into the sink, pour in the boiling water, filling up at least 2-3cm deep. Place the sealed jars upside-down, into the boiled water and leave for 10 mins. This helps seal the jars.
  5. Unopened, the pickled jalapeno’s will last for at least a year. Once opened, keep in the fridge, and use within 2-3 weeks.

Source: crazycookingmama on www.food.com

How much heat can you take? Are you a light weight like me, or does my description of the hot as hell sauce, spark your interest?