Smoked Trout, Zucchini, Radish, Baby Potato & Herb Salad

We have had some lovely hot summer days the past week, so we have been enjoying some lighter dinners. This Smoked Trout, Zucchini, Radish, Baby Potato & Herb Salad was nice and quick to make, and tasted amazing.

I had gorgeous yellow zucchinis in my produce bag this week, and some radishes left over from last weeks, they married together perfectly with the smoked ocean trout and the creamy dressing, with some potatoes to bulk it out a little.

I am such an accident prone person in the kitchen. If I was a chef, I’m pretty certain I would be missing fingers by now. I can’t manage to make a meal without burning or cutting myself.

It’s a bit of a running joke when friends see me with band aids or bad burns, they ask me what I cooked last night, it’s pretty much a given. I have one knife that cut me so badly, nearly taking my thumb off at the knuckle, that I’ve never been able to bring myself to use it again.

So with that in mind, using the v-slicer or mandolin always fills me with dread. I managed to slice up all the zucchinis and radishes, and then cut myself badly as I removed a stuck piece of radish, luckily after all the sliced veg was out of the way in the salad bowl.

At least the end result tasted fabulous! And it is so colourful and summery on the plate.

SUITABLE FOR: gluten, dairy, egg, nut & soy free diets. Would also make a nice vegetarian salad as a side without the trout. 


Ingredients (serves 4)

  • 400 smoked trout fillets (I used ocean trout), skin removed & flaked
  • 4 medium zucchinis, ends removed and very thinly sliced lengthways
  • 2-3 radishes, ends removed and very thinly sliced
  • 12 very small, or 8 medium sized baby new potatoes
  • 1 bunch watercress, leaves torn (or baby rocket or baby spinach)
  • 2 tablespoons chives, chopped, plus extra to garnish
  • 1/2 cup creme fraiche
  • 2 tspn seeded mustard (add more to taste)
  • 1/2 lemon juiced
  • Cracked pepper & sea salt to season


  1. In a small saucepan, add water, and a pinch of salt and bring to the boil. Add the potatoes and cook until cooked through. Drain water, cut each potatoe in half, and then put in the fridge to cool while prepping the salad.
  2. Using a mandolin, or slicing very thinly with a knife, slice the zucchini & radishes.
  3. In a large salad bowl, add the smoked trout, watercress, zucchini ribbons, radishes, chives & cooled potatoes.
  4. In a small bowl, add the creme fraich, mustard, lemon juice and mix well. Season to taste.
  5. Add the dressing to the salad and toss to evenly coat all the ingredients.
  6. Garnish with the extra chopped chives and serve


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