Review: Schkinny Maninny Juice Cleanse


I have tried to do a juice cleanse a few times before, but I get so sick of juicing! I know it seems trivial, but I hate cleaning my juicer, I bought a cold press juicer because it said that it was easy to clean, it might be easy compared to cleaning say the oven, but it is also a giant pain in the butt! Everything gets caught in it, if I push too much in it stops working until I pull the whole thing apart (resulting in cleaning it twice) and I’ve had the dreaded explosion and sprayed the kitchen with carrot & beetroot juice. So my cleanses usually last until dinner time when I give up, eat and give the juicer death stares.

So when I was asked if I wanted to give Schkinny Maninny Juice Cleanses a go, I jumped at it – all my juices delivered fresh each morning for that day. No chopping, juicing or cleaning to do for 3 days – YES PLEASE!! In fact, I’ve bought my husband a pack too, he wanted to give it a go, so I don’t have to anything except open bottles for 3 days : ) 

How the detox works: “During the program you get 6 fresh juices/soups/smoothies made from fruit, vegetables, legumes, nuts and seeds, delivered fresh every day for your 3 or 5 day program. The 6 juices each day meet your daily energy requirements, containing about 1700 calories across the day (including natural fats, carbs and proteins). The juices are designed to be had in a specific order based on your digestion patterns, and each juice has certain cleansing, healing, protective and regenerative properties from its all natural ingredients” (see Schinny Manninny website for more info)
I booked to start on my first day back at work after 2 wonderful weeks away in New Zealand for my husband’s 40th birthday. If I needed a detox before I left, I most certainly needed one when I got back. I put on 2.5kg in 2 weeks, thought it might drop off when I got home, nope, 5 days later and it seems quite happy to stick around. And while all the amazing food and drinks with friends was fun, I was starting to feel run down & tired by the time we got back.



Morning: I arrive at work and my esky of goodies are ready and waiting for me. I love how my day is planned out and I don’t have to think about anything. I really like that each juice has an explanation of the nutritional benefits of the ingredients, makes me feel all sanctimonious, knowing I’m doing my body some good. And the smoothie and first juice taste good too.

Afternoon: It only takes until lunch time for the mental arguments to start up, the smell of people heating up their lunches at work sets the “self-sabotager” off on a rant – he is an argumentative little snot. There is no way that I can already be detoxing, seriously I’ve only been awake for 5 hours and I’ve had a smoothie & 2 juices plus a litre of water with lemon. My stomach is not happy, my nose is running and my head feels foggy – am I so toxic that it only takes a few hours to start detoxing? The fact that I feel crap after half a day is enough to motivate me that I need to do this!

Evening: I’m going to be honest, I wasn’t expecting day 1 to be this rough, I thought my body wouldn’t even catch on until at least day 2. I have enjoyed the juices, and really liked the carrot & cashew juice soup for lunch. But I’m feeling nauseous and have a thumping headache, actually I feel like I’m coming down with a cold or flu. If the email I received this morning with all the info I need for today’s cleanse didn’t tell me I’d be feeling like this, I would swear I was getting sick. I am looking forward to getting an early night.



Morning: I expected to not be able to sleep because I was hungry, or be getting up all night to go to the bathroom, but I had the best sleep; fell straight to sleep and was out cold until just before my alarm went off. I’m feeling pretty good, the headache has died down to a low hum and I’m not nauseous at all. I’m down 900g on the scales, so Yay! I really like the breakfast banana almond smoothie. Feeling positive about it again : )

Afternoon: I’ve hit the feeling good stage! The late morning wasn’t nice, my stomach was not happy, and definitely ‘cleansed’. But since then, I’ve started to feel really clear headed, my cravings have gone completely, the headache has buggered off & peoples lunches aren’t sending me into a meltdown today. I am less puffy already, I was having some gluten while away, sometimes I just find it too hard to be both egg and gluten free on holidays, so I choose the lesser of the two evils, but it causes inflammation and my face and stomach bloat up and I get joint pain.

Evening: I feel really good, like REALLY good! My husband isn’t faring as well, but that would be expected since I came from a slightly healthier start.  But I feel clear headed, I have got through so much work today, I have heaps of energy. Looking forward to tomorrow!



Morning: It’s the last day of the cleanse and I am feeling awesome! My mind feels so clear, and I have heaps of energy, sort of feel like I am buzzing. On day one, I was starting to think that this was the worst idea ever, but I am so glad I’ve stuck with it. Stuart is still feeling crappy, but he is so happy with how much his stomach has reduced in just 2 days, I am convinced he is also gluten intolerant, I notice his stomach swell up like a beach ball when he has been eating a lot of it, so I’d say it’s a lot of inflammation and bloating coming down already.

Afternoon / Evening: Still feeling great. Finding it weird that I’m not overly hungry, I haven’t finished half of my juices today, just stopped when I felt like I’d had enough and put them back in the fridge in case I feel like them later. Having strange body temperature issues, I feel boiling hot and am sweating, but everyone else is saying its cold, must be the detox.


Overall:  I’m really happy I did the cleanse, I’m super impressed with my will-power and that I actually stuck to it for the whole 3 days. I’m not feeling bloated & my joints aren’t sore, so the inflammation from my gluten eating has gone. My skin feels good, but I am in the middle of a major pimple break-out which I don’t normally get, must be clearing out, so that is all good. My favourite part is how clear my head feels, I feel really sharp and focused at work which is great. I have heaps of energy and I don’t feel heavy and sluggish, I lost 2.3kg in 3 days, I know that will be water weight, but hoping if I keep eating light & healthy, I’ll be able to use it as a starting block for my weight loss goal of 15kg.

I am super proud of my husband, he has been eating junk, smoking and drinking for a long time and then just gone cold turkey on a juice cleanse, I’m so impressed that he 100% stuck to it. He didn’t weigh himself before hand, but he has lost more than I did, he is one of those highly annoying people that drop weight quickly, and he looks so much healthier.

I thought I’d be desperate for food, but I started the day with a green smoothie and have made some veggie patties from mashed veggies for lunch with salad to ease myself back in. I feel like healthy food, which is great, that was my purpose for doing the cleanse, to get myself back on track after my holiday. I would definitely do the cleanse again!

If you are in Sydney or Melbourne, check out the Schinny Manninny website