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March 03

Sensitive Doggies! Homemade Dog Food

   Well, they say that some people and their pets look similar, but my dogs unfortunately got my food issues. And no, I’m not making it up, or over-exaggerating about having “fussy” eaters, I’m talking vomiting, diarrhea & rashes. I thought I’d share this post because the change in my dogs since making their food has […]

February 18

Plum & Blackberry Spiced Maple Crumble

I am not much of a dessert person, but heaps of plums & blackberries in the fridge, I thought I’d see if they would work well in a crumble. The tartness of the fruit, mixed so well with the maple sugar & spices, with a amazing crispy spice crumb topping. This crumble could convert me […]

October 22

Bushfires and Community Spirit

Hi everyone, I won’t be posting a recipe this week. For those that don’t know me, I live in Springwood in the Blue Mountains, Australia, which is currently experiencing terrible bushfires. While my house has not been in danger as yet, many others in our relatively ┬ásmall community have not been so lucky, with 193 […]